Letter: A travesty of justice

By sentencing Alexander Aan to two-and-a-half years in prison for blasphemy and publicly declaring himself an atheist, as well as fining him an exorbitant Rp 100 million (US$11,100) or an additional two months in prison, the judges of the Muaro District Court in Sijunjung regency have actually put their relationship with The Creator Himself at risk.

Obviously these judges, led by presiding judge Eka Prasetya Budi Dharma, actually believe themselves to be the most observant Muslims and the most knowledgeable in conforming to
Islamic laws. It is also very likely that these judges, being fearful of losing their lofty and secure positions, have succumbed to the general opinion of the public and, having silenced the voices of their hearts and consciences, accordingly passed down that unwarranted sentence on Aan.

These judges have obviously and conveniently forgotten that Allahu Subhannahu Wa’Taala is Al Wadud (The Loving), Al Hakim (The Wise), Al Wasi (The All-Embracing), Al Ghafur (The All-Forgiving), Ar-Rauf (The Compassionate) and Al-Alim (The All-Knowing).

Since The Creator is also At-Tawwab (The Acceptor of Repentance), as well as Al-Afuw (The Pardoner), He has surely heard Alexander Aan’s offered apology on Feb. 5 and pleas for His forgiveness. Where the verdict was obviously passed into the Hands of The Merciful Creator, the human judges preferred to ignore this, and passed down a sentence worthy of a common kangaroo court.

The unjust sentence that they passed on Aan, therefore, shifted very far from what truly wise, good and virtuous judges would have decided in accordance with Allah’s Laws. It is therefore very much flawed and definitely subject to appeal.

I sincerely hope that true wise Muslims all over the country will have the courage to bring the glorious religion of Islam back on the right track and stop actions that tarnish Islam by those who claim to be Muslims.

Tami Koestomo


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